Sunday, April 17, 2011

indecisive bride reporting for duty

You know what I hate most about this planning process?

The fact that I am SO. FRIGGIN. INDECISIVE. ABOUT. EVERYTHING. I have not had a decision throughout this process that I've not re-visited and changed my mind about something. Most noticeably? The decor.

I know, I know, you guys. First I asked you about books. Then, about bowls of candles, followed by lanterns. And you have always been so supportive and encouraging about ALL my ideas, that I kind of feel like I'm beating a dead horse by blogging about yet another vision.

Even though the sale fell through, black lanterns are still the number one idea. With silver chair sashes around each chair, and orange pom pom napkin rings around each napkin to complete the tablescape. Perfect, right?

Except for one wiggly, tiny little voice in my head, saying "flowers. flowers are pretty. you love flowers. why not flowers? FLOWERS FLOWERS FLOWERS!"

Damn you, tiny voice in my head. You won't win, but I'll compromise. Deal?
I just sent an email to my florist, asking her what the cost would be for something like this: Isn't it gorgeous? I'm picturing it a bit lower and wider, and obviously orange. These would be on half the tables, with the black lanterns being on the other half.

And, of course, because I'm a crazy, detail orientated bride, I need to change the orange napkin ring idea - because in my crazy ass mind, orange flowers + orange napkin rings = too much orange. Of course.

So this is my FINAL IDEA. I mean it you guys! If I change my mind from now until October, you're going to have to wait for the pro pics! Here goes: on the tables with the lanterns, there will be orange pom-poms, and on the tables with the orange carnations there will be silver pom-poms.

I really can't wait to see how it all comes together at the end - the soft, romantic white glow from the lanterns mixed in with the ruffly texture of the orange carnations, with the napkin rings adding just the perfect amount of a lovely, creative, whimsical touch.

Or, in one word: MWAH.

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dust and kam said...

You make me laugh.

I think your wedding is going to be AH-MAZ-ZING!

I can not wait to see photos. (of course being there would be the much better option)

I am so thankful I only had two months to plan (or not plan)! :)