Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I think I broke a rib

I went dress looking today.
And now I'm sore and slightly tender to the touch because mamma mia, those fuckers are tight.

I tried on four dresses - all pretty similar to each other, which is unfortunate, but is probably due to a combination of things: I'm a size 20w in bridal (gasp! woe!), so my selection is already limited, and the saleslady picking out the dresses was a big fan of the bling. I mean I said I really loved lace, and not a single one had the all-over lace I was envisioning.

I did appreciate that I only tried on dresses that I could fit into. I've heard horror stories of bigger girls having to literally hold up the dress and envision how it would look. Um...how about no??

I learned that the colour of my dress will be ivory; that I need spanx, like, yesterday; and that my dress will have a corset back no matter what. Oh, and it'll have some sort of cross-rouching right underneath the bodice.
I tried this on this weekend at the bridal show. It was magic - fit perfectly, made my waist look tiny, simple, no pickups or random bling, and the fabric felt amazingly nice...by far still
one of my favourite dresses. Since it was a sample dress on sale, I'm fairly sure it's been sold to some other amazingly lucky bride, but we'll see. (crosses fingers)

This is the first dress I tried on today. It was decent (see what I mean about the spanx? HELLO), but I super hated that drapery on the side (which, of course, you can't see because my hands in front of it). But yeah, trust me when I say that drapery was butt. ugly.

The second dress on was my favourite of the day. It's very similar to dress number one, just no stupid drapery side thing. Not too sure on all the bling everywhere, but it was super sparkly when she turned out the lights....(also. forgive the wonky bodice in all of these. I'm going to alter whichever dress I do end up with into a sweetheart neckline.)

Third. Hated the bling on the bodice, loved the skirt. Can I marry top #2 with bottom #3 for the price of #1? I think that'd be my favourite dress.

This is a Maggie Sottero and I LOVED the lace skirt peeking out at the bottom. LOVED. It didn't make me look as small as number 2 did, but sigh.

Which one is your favourite on me? Least favourite? And because I'm vain, which one made me look the smallest? ;)


dust and kam said...

You look awesome.

I really, really love #2. I am not even just saying that. I thought that before I even read that you loved it. And I do love the skirt on #3. I am totally with you.

Okay, so I do love #3 as well. Like, a lot. You look awesome in it too. Okay, I may just love #3, but I can't really see the bling. ;)

Anonymous said...

oooh, pretty! I like #2, but I think they are all lovely.

Heather said...

Love number two of today's dresses!

Not super fond of the very first photo. It's pretty but not WOW on you and you kinda want WOW factor right?

sarah said...

I feel I must clarify that the difference between dress #1 and the rest of them is that I'm wearing a crinoline, which makes a huge difference...maybe??