Saturday, April 16, 2011

updated look

You don't see too many inspiration boards of the colour combo I've chosen for my wedding (seriously, what is UP with that?.) So far during this process I've either felt totally alone, or as if I'm super crazy for putting these two colours together.

So. In the interest of maybe helping other brides out when they go searching for this colour palette, here's my masterpiece:

PS: Everything but the lantern (which will be a different style) and the grooms outfit (still to be decided) is actually being used in our wedding.

I gotta ask: how easy was it for you to decide your colours? Would you ever consider using a colour combo that may be considered a little 'wacky'?


dust and kam said...

I used crappy colors that I don't even wanna talk about. Ha ha.

If I were to do the wedding all over again? I would do random wacky colors. I am not sure what that would be, but I love the orange and black!

dust and kam said...

And I pretty much love the dresses, the cake. okay, everything!!

Heather said...

We ended up with purple and red...I consider that whacky lol.

I love your colours...but then I LOVE orange. I'm so looking forward to seeing more!