Tuesday, July 12, 2011

tweaking an idea

I really need to stop looking at pinterest.

It's not healthy.

Especially when we're 101 days away from the wedding.

(wait, 101? are you serious?)

I've always wanted to hang a mass of paper lanterns that are so trendy right now. They're trendy for a reason, people - they're awesome!

I don't want to really light them up as individual balls though - I know there's different ways of doing them but, seriously. Not.Interested.

So - whats a suitable, budget-friendly option for having some sort of illumination and my paper lanterns?

Strings of white Christmas lights hung above the actual lanterns themselves, of course.
I just have to make sure that the venue would allow something like this - I'm thinking it may be deemed a fire hazard. (I don't see how, but better safe than sorry, right?)

I know I have two strings packed away somewhere, and a quick call to Harry revealed he has at least four. A mutual friend promised us one string, and I found three others on kijiji for just 3$. So the cost of this project? Um. Three dollars.

I call that a win.

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