Tuesday, July 5, 2011

family history

Today, a group of fourteen members of my family - which includes my brother and my mom - are starting out on a one week hiking journey through the Chilkoot Trail. They're following in the footsteps of my Great-Grandpa, who in 1895 set off from Seattle (although he was originally from Southwestern Ontario and returned there to settle afterwards) in search of gold in the Yukon Gold Rush.

Several members of my family (also including my mom) will then continue on and canoe down the Dawson River for another week to complete the full journey that these Gold Rushers took to make their fortune all those years ago.

I find it absolutely fascinating that our family can re-trace the footsteps of our ancestor in such a profound way, and celebrate our (very small!) personal part in such an amazing slice of Canadian history over a hundred years later.

With the wedding this year, it wasn't financially feasible for me to join them, but I look forward to hearing all of their stories and seeing the pictures when they return.

Anybody else have some crazy summer plans?

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