Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy birthday!!

This year Ottawa has some very special guests on hand to celebrate our country's birthday - The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be on Parliament Hill for the festivities.

For Keith and myself, we'll be taking advantage of the free admission to the Canadian War Museum (I've been before; Keith hasn't) and spending a couple of hours there. I think it's appropriately fitting that on our nation's birthday we'll be spending time reflecting on the sacrifices our military men made (and still make) for our country so we can enjoy our freedom, booze and fireworks. Keith comes from a military family - Harry served 29 years in the Navy - and Keith is really into World War II history. And I just call an afternoon wandering around somewhere steeped in history a good day, any day of the year.

We'll probably just spend the entire day wandering around downtown and find a place to watch the fireworks at 10pm. Buses are free after 9pm, so getting home will be, well, interesting. But free!

How do you celebrate your nation's birthday?

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