Friday, October 9, 2009

Fight for your get better marks!

Today we got back our Memo/Lease assignment worth 15 percent, and my grade was 20/25 (or 80%). I missed four marks for the lease portion and one mark for the memo portion.

So, in the instructions it simply said "Mr. XX - tenant and Mrs. XX - wife" so I interpreted that to mean the only tenant was Mr. XX, and NOT both Mr & Mrs. XX, since she didn't specify whether the wife was a co-tenant - and so made out the lease accordingly.

Apparently, I was wrong - and every mistake on the lease portion was worth two marks. I went up and explained to her how the ambivalence in the wording made me interpret it the way I did.

Amazingly, she agreed with me. Gave me the marks back. (And made a note in her book to change the wording for the next group of students! HA!)

22/25. 88%. On something worth 15%.

I am so, so stoked.

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Heather said...

I guess she is just assuming you'll assume a husband and wife will live together a but that doesnt necessarily mean they're co-tennants on the it's totally fair she gave you the marks back! Well done!