Sunday, October 11, 2009


Tonight I was watching Degrassi: TNG, and the storyline was about a girl who has a wonderful, supportive, long-term boyfriend - but she meets this new guy and sparks fly.

So she's agonizing over what to do with her girlfriend, when her girlfriend remarked, "yeah, but when's the last time Spin [boyfriend] made your stomach flip?"

My immediate thought was "You stupid girl, it's not about the stomach flip."

The thought following that one was - wow, how sad that my life doesn't include the stomach flip. Then I thought of Keith, watching Family Guy in the bedroom, and literally smiled from the inside out. (Although I totally maintain it's SO not about the stomach flip).

And that feeling, truly, is enough for me, but what do you think? Should relationships always include the stomach flip? Is it okay when it doesn't? Really, is it about the stomach flip?


Heather said...

There totally has to be the stomach flip. It doesnt have to be all the time, but it has to be there!

Rachel said...

I'm not sure, but can I just admit that I LOVE Degrassi. Not so much the new cast, but still...

Kelly said...

I don't get the stomach flip so much anymore but I get the heart squeeze - a feeling of love and happiness and warmth from the inside out. I think the stomach flip is lust based and we know lust can't be sustained for long periods of time, it just fizzles out by nature. It doesn't mean you don't find your partner spunky dunk anymore, more that it changes to something more meaningful that just hormones going RUFF!