Thursday, October 8, 2009

Report Card

Disputes: Feeling really guilty because I've missed the last two classes. Rocked my oral presentation on the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal (80%), midterm is two weeks from now.

EnglishII: Lots of work so far; every class I've had to hand in something (we just finished covering the 6 types of informal reports). I have a formal report due Tuesday and I haven't started it yet. Not feeling it. I know I have to start it REALLY soon. Midterm is this Tuesday. Got 79% on my Information Report, waiting to hear back about the Group Recommendation/Justification report.

Corporate: Love-hate relationship. I maintain firmly that the prof is a bit of a tool; I love the individual assignment in this class, even if you do kill a small tree in the process. Bascially you set up a corporation minute book, divided into 3 phases. He FINALLY posted the info for Phase I, except for the actual client file that we are supposed to base all of our info on. Yup, like I said: a bit of a tool.

Landlord&Tenant: LOVING this class. The prof is one of my favourites. No-nonsense, easy teaching style, very informative classes and I just enjoy the work because it's so practical. Nearly everyone in their lifetime will at one point either be a renter or rentee, so it's incredibly informative to know the legislature behind it. There's alot of work but she has it all up weeks in advance, and so far it's been relatively easy work - just getting us used to how to fill out the forms required for, say, a Notice of Rental Increase. I'm already done all the assignments she has posted and am waiting to hear back for a mark on my Lease/Memo report, with the Notice to Rental Increase due tomorrow. I have a feeling the midterm (also in two weeks) is open-book. EFF ya.

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