Tuesday, March 16, 2010


  • Have an interview at Famous Players on Saturday.
  • Class was cancelled on Monday & today.
  • Achieved 81% on Part I of my Estates client file.
  • Fixed my transcript and now have a GPA of 2.83 overall.
  • Midterms weren't the greatest; 65% on my Crim and 67% on Estates.
  • One thing I REALLY hate; when you have someone on twitter (and they're just a regular person) and when you @ them they never reply back. Seriously? What are you, too good to talk to me? Where the heck do you get off? Uppity bitch.
  • So now I kind of just want to stop following her & reading her blog...should I?
  • No really, should I?


Leah said...

Congrats on the good marks, good luck on the interview and uh ... I sure hope that person you are talking about isn't me? If it is, I would like to know.

And I wouldn't blame you for unfollowing, I have unfollowed for the same reasons before. Maybe shoot that person an e-mail (not a mean one, just factual) so t hey don't make the same mistake again.

Heather said...

Ok I've been reading but been shitty at commenting. I aim to improve!

Those grades arent that bad, they're still well above the 50 mark (I know, you arent aiming to 'just pass').

Good luck with the interview. Just for us foreigners, what the heck is Famous Players?

Jess said...

Did you ask this person a direct question and she didn't reply? Because I am definitely not good about replying to people who reply to me on Twitter (in fact I didn't know that was standard etiquette unless it was a question) but I still appreciate the replies and general comments of the people I follow.

sarah said...

Leah - no, of course it isn't you. Pshaw.

Heather - At least I beat the class average in each midterm, nevermind that I'm probably the one bringing it down so low! HA! And Famous Players = major (only?) cineplex theatre chain. Sign me up for free movies, thanks!

Jess - yeah, multiple times. Honestly I just don't think good things when I see her tweets anymore. Maybe I'm just way too sensitive?

Thanks girls, I think that was the fastest 3 comments I've ever gotten. :)

Cathy said...

Ok, my thoughts on the unfollowing - because I go back and forth with this too. AND like you, I'm kind of sensitive.

To me, it depends on who the person is and how "popular" they are (or think they are!) Generally speaking, if someone never replies to me, but they reply to others, then I'm more likely to unfollow because I assume they either don't care for me, or I've offended them in some way. Or I'm not "important" enough for it to be worth their time to interact with me.

So, I guess my vote in this situation for you would be to unfollow. Especially if it's making you feel this bad...