Monday, March 1, 2010

it does matter. it feels good.

I love this country, proudly, fiercely, unabashedly.
I could have watched the Olympics all month.
Can't wait for 2012 London & 2014 Sochi.

Not only was this the first time we won gold on home soil,
it was the Olympics where we set a new record for most gold
won by any country, ever.

It was an Olympic of stories.
Of Alex Bilodeau, and his brother.
Of Charles Hamelin and his girlfriend, Marianne St. Gelais.
Of Joannie Rochette, who continues to make me cry.
Of Clara Hughes. The only Olympian to win multiple medals
in both Summer & Winter.
Of double gold in both genders of hockey.
Of Jon Montgomery & his pitcher of beer.

Countless stories, immortalized forever.

Vancouver 2010, you did good. Really good.

Stephen Burnt says it better than I ever, ever could.
This made me cry. And love this country just a little bit more.
As if that were even possible.


xoxb said...

I'm overflowing with Canadian pride too. It was amazing to be here.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I LOVED watching the Olympics for the past 17 days and I'm so sad they're over.

I love being Canadian :)