Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I need some redecorating help in my apartment in the worst way. Right now, we have three red shelves on our walls, and they are full of hockey figuerines. I can't say that without cringing, because holy hell dude, inappropriate in a grown-ups apartment.
But Keith is very attached to these stupid things, so that's the first thing I need help with. How to convince him that they suck and need to be put away, because he is thirty-one years old, not seven anymore, so help me god?
That's not to say that some (like, ONE PER SHELF) can't stay. Because, hell, I'm all for mixing in styles and preferences and baby steps people. But seriously, it needs to be changed, because it makes our living room look like a five year old boys bedroom, and that is not good.

So, I need suggestions for what to actually put on the shelves. Funky vases? Big, thick, chunky candles grouped together? I'm not into figuerines, or crystal things, so that's out. I'd like to keep each shelf under 30$, but the cheaper the better. Any suggestions?

And that brings me to these two areas that need an overhaul as well.

I could be persuaded to leave the tops of the bookcases empty, but the top of the TV thing needs to be cleared out. (yes, those are army guy figure-thingys. ewwww). I actually was thinking of keeping it V.E.R.Y. minimalist, and thought the candle arrangement that Somi'sNilsa did in her fireplace was really awesome. Maybe only having something like that in the space would be enough?

(taken with permission, Nilsa's AWESOME fireplace candly-thingy)

What do you think? What should I do for the 3 shelves & top of the TV?


Anonymous said...

My shelves are all full of books, so I'm not much help. Oh. Books and teapots. Ha.

Good luck either way :)

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

So, the first thing I thought of when I saw the hockey figurines was shadow boxes. If you have to keep them, you could put a number of them into a shadow box and hang it on the wall somewhere. That would help with clutter on the shelves issue. And then, maybe you could buy some picture frames that are related (all white, all silver, etc.) where you could put some photos of family, friends, vacations, whatever makes your heart content.

Or you could just be thankful he doesn't collect beanie babies. ha.