Sunday, February 21, 2010


So. Didn't get the walls washed or the lids tightened today. What I did do;

Wash & mopped floors.
Vacuumed living room.
3 loads of laundry. FOLDED & put away.
Watched Korean short track speed skaters play dirty.
Not that it mattered, Charles Hamlen (don't care if that's spelled wrong) choked anyway.
Wiped down 3 bookcases & top of TV.
Took out garbage. Multiple times.
Made bed after washing bedding.
Windexed desk. (it's glass, windex is necessary).
Ate the most awesomest honey-garlic chicken wings, thanks to Keith's foresight to marinate said chicken for a day.
Cleaned bathroom cabinets (3 of them!) and threw out a garbage bag worth of products we don't use.
Felt my heart ache so deeply for what Once An Fertile is going through that I can't bring myself to comment. Feel so bad.
Bonded with sister over horrible childhood.
Got drunk with said sister. and (her) boyfriend.
Felt overwhelming gratitude and love that I am engaged to Keith, and so past the drama that comes along with "just" having a boyfriend.
Broke the seal and therefore must end this post.

Love you all!