Thursday, February 4, 2010


I want to have a backyard, so we can make an ice rink in the winter and practice our skating.

I want to have enough space to hang a clothesline, so that six months of the year our washing can be dried by the sun and smell of growing grass.

I want to grow my own vegetable garden, and decorate my house with flowers plucked from the ground.

I want to learn how to can my own vegetables and fruits this summer so I can make homemade jam and spaghetti sauce (just to name a few).

I want to work because I enjoy it. I never want to work "because we need the money."

I want to be home most days when my children get home. I don't want them to come home to an empty house while they're in elementary school.

I want quiet nights of family more than I want to be a fulltime chauffeur; to strive towards a good balance between activities and rest.

I want my children to know they can achieve anything; that theres no difference whether they're gay or straight; that they can call, no questions asked, when they need to leave (or to prevent) an unsafe situation.

I want a car big enough to hold multiple bags of hockey gear and instrument cases.

I want to have a household where the computer is out in the family area, and cell phones are loaned out only when they're out on their own and returned when they come home.

I want them to know the joys of living in a small town, but have the benefits of a city close by.

I want to learn how to bake my own bread from scratch and kneaded by hand.

What do you want, when you think about your family?

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