Tuesday, February 2, 2010


it seems that stress keeps me away. for fear of puking all over this little corner of cyberspace about the fears and fustrations i've been dealing with, i've just kept silent.

now that i no longer feel like i'm being choked to death, it's time to come back.
(twitter is easy to be glossy and breezy, you can't really get into deep stuff in 140 characters.)

I've been dealing with tons of stuff over the last month; my sister is moving down here to live with my father-in-law on Friday. This decision comes after she spent all of January spent dithering about and being difficult and stubborn and ARRRRRRRGH DRAMA.

I'm finding it extremely difficult to be motivated this semester for school. Two 8am classes (Mon&Thurs) and the 50 minute bus ride to/from does not help. Must just buckle down and push through, but it might be all for naught ANYWAY, since 57% of faculty across Ontario voted in favour of a strike if they can't come to an agreement by the 12th. OH EFFING JOY. Cue the stress gong.

We've been doing some lovely 'creative accounting' this past month getting money saved for Mexico and all the stuff necessary to live. Biggest stressor of all, but things are looking way, way up lately, so the noose around my neck has loosened and I feel so much better about it. Whew.

I quit my job last week; my last day is Feb 9th. Three hours on a bus (90 min each way) was just too much, especially when I was working until 11pm. Once I quit, it was such a huge relief. But now the 'crap I need a job and I don't have one' anxiety has set in, compounded by the fact that I can't start in a new job until the 23rd. Best case scenario is I have a job set up before I leave for Mexico, but I'll also accept the scenario of having a job by the Friday of getting back. Ha!

I turned 23 yesterday. Monday is the worst day to have a birthday, in my opinion. We're going out to celebrate this Saturday with drinks, followed by clubbing and more drinky.

And only 12 more days until Mexico! YAY! All I'm taking for electronics is my camera. No laptops, no cell phones, no mp3 players. Just unplug and kick back for 8 days. Also stocking up on sunscreen, because nothing ruins a vacation faster than a sunburn. And I sunburn while it's cloudy out. We'll be in Mexico for the first week of the Olympics and miss all the good hockey medal glory. Woops. Our PVR will be working overtime that week so we can watch it when we get home. Thank goodness for modern technology! I'm not sure Keith would agree to go to a different country during the Games otherwise!

Hopefully I'll start blogging more. Actually, one of my resolutions was to blog at least 2 times a week. That worked out well, didn't it? Which is exactly why I don't make resolutions. But. Seriously. Need to blog more.

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Kelly said...

I know it's one of the things stressing you out but Mexico will be something to look forward to as well, you lucky thing!

And yeah, you do need to blog more - your loyal fans miss ya :)