Monday, February 15, 2010

Look, kitties!

We ended up not going to Mexico afterall. I won't get into it; don't really want to talk/think about it. To say I'm pissed & disappointed would be putting it mildly.

Anyway! Here's some cute pictures of the new kitty in our house, Atlanta. We're taking care of her while my sister lives with my FIL since my FIL has an old, crotchey cat who wouldn't do well with another cat in the house. She's tiiiiiiiiiiiny; easily the smallest cat I've ever seen thats full-grown (she's just over a year old). Elvis and her seem to get along great - Elvis grooms her all the time and they've taken to sharing a bed. SO adorable. Serious.


Heather said...

That's really sucky! :( I cant beleive it fell through so close to you going.

Yay for having an extra kitty though! Even her head looks enormous next to his lol. How is the dog handling an extra cat?

Kelly said...

C-ute! What a honey kitty! I'm glad Elvis is enjoying his new buddy too...just hopefully not too much and you end up with little Evlantas!

Anonymous said...

Crappy deal about Mexico. Hopefully a make up trip in the future will be better than the first one would have been ;)

I'm not really into cats - I have a friend who's crazy about I can haz cheeseburger. I dunno. Maybe because I'm allergic.