Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quick note

Off to Mehico very, very soon. Have dragged out suitcase we're taking, now to actually pack it. Always fun. (Not).

Olympics FINALLY start tomorrow. Am so ready for them to start, just because all the damn ads and sponsorship spots are driving me CRAZY. Currently going through next week and PVRing everything we want to watch re: Olympics and some of our regular shows. I must confess; I'm more of a summer Olympics kinda gal. More events I'm interested in - none of this luge or skeleton crap.

The only thing I am taking on this trip that is electronic is my camera. Trying to convince Keith that's all we need but I have a feeling his PsP is going to find its way into my purse. So I won't be blogging next week - not that it actually matters if I go a week without blogging, because I do it regularly - but anyway, just thought I'd let you know.

Keith is currently making the best dinner evah. Caramelized onions, fried peppers (green&red), & chicken, shredded cheese and brown rice, wrapped in a tortilla and baked just until crispy. I know there's a name for these things but I can't think of it right now. Whatever. It's good.

Am drinking the bottle of wine I got for my birthday. <3

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Anonymous said...

Have fun!

(The skeleton is SO cool. You're totally missing out ;))