Friday, June 11, 2010


Remember when I was bemoaning the fact that everything was just so far away, it'll never happen, waaaaaaaaaah?

Like all things on a timeline - it simultaneously feels like it passed by in a blink of an eye while also seemingly took forever.

A really long blink of an eye, in other words. In super slo-mo, if you will. But I like the way Amber over at Girl with the Red Hair looks at it - it seems SO CLOSE when you look at it this way:

Next week: Thursday is my college graduation ceremony. Irrationally I am worried about tripping as I walk across the stage. I'm not even wearing heels.

Next month: Is finally - FINALLY - my surgery. It's compounded by the fact that I actually start on a high protein, low calorie meal replacement June 26th to shrink my liver before surgery, and June 22, 25 & 29 I have doctors appointments - the 25th is a 4 hour long class on the lifestyle I'll have to maintain after surgery, and I also have to fit in an EKG & bloodwork within those two weeks. Yikes! That's a ton of doctors appointments, yo.

Next year: As you already know, I got into Carleton!! (Still can't say that without squeeing, sorry). I also received an entrance bursary to be put towards my tuition - less debt at this point is always a good thing. I'm sure it'll be filled with amazing opportunities - not to mention I'll be adjusting to life after surgery and losing weight rapidly each month. My FYSM group is going to think I'm sick or something. Oh well. I can't decide on a minor - and in my typical fashion I want to overload myself as much as possible. Double major with a mention francais AND co-op option? WHY YES, DON'T MIND IF I DO. Eeeek.

So what are you looking forward to - next week, next month & over the coming year?


Britt said...

I was paranoid I was going to fall when I crossed the stage too. But I didn't, thank god. I did do an awkward half hug with a professor who I was shocked to see on the stage. Such is life.

Next week: being rested!
Next month: my Bridal shower, weddings of friends!
85 days: My wedding!

Heather said...

Next week: dance and taiko classes
Next month: oldies being gone
During the rest of this year: soiree and Singapore!

You're life is going to be so full on, but if you've handled everything life has thrown at you so far, you'll be just fine!