Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Will always be.

Dear Mom;

It's your birthday today. The first birthday you won't turn a year older.

We all miss you. A lot. We miss your voice, your caring compassion, your frequent laugh. We miss the funny faces you'd pull, your joy for life, your joy for your family, for us. I think of you daily, still, most often just before falling into sleep.

I hope you're doing okay, whenever you are. I like to think of you as being in each tree leaf, each blade of grass, every raindrop; in the very molecules of air we breathe.

That way, whenever I take a breath, you're right there with me. Forever and for always.



Becca said...

I found your blog through your comment on cjane's blog. Funny: my name is Becca, my older sister is Sarah, I lived in Ottawa for 10 years (Ottawa U not Carleton). And my sister Sarah had WLS and is a recovering addict (although never housing challenged)! (insert twilight zone music here) yay I found a new cool blog to read.

Leah said...

This is really beautiful, Sarah.