Tuesday, September 8, 2009

3:45am, and this is what I occupy myself with....

In between randomly checking Facebook, Twitter, and reading Just A Titch in its entirety (thanks Laura!), I have complied my yearly list of the premiere dates of TV shows I watch; categorized by channel, of course. Behold, my addiction (and indiscriminating tastes, apparently);

House - Sept 21, Global.
Big Bang Theory - Sept 21, CTV.

Sytycd(A) - Sept 8, A Channel
Sytycd(C) - Already on, CTV.
Big Brother - Already on, Global
18 Kids & Counting - Already on, TLC

Sytycd(A) - ibid
Sytycd(C) - ibid
Toddlers & Tiara's - Already on, TLC
America's Next Top Model - Sept 9th, CTV
Glee - Sept 9th, Global **new**
CSI: NY - Sept 23, CTV
Criminal Minds - Sept 23, CTV

Grey's Anatomy - Sept 24, CTV
90210 - Sept 10, Global
Big Brother - Already on, Global

Flashpoint - Sept 25, CTV.

Project Runway 6 - (Sat) Sept 12, Slice
Degrassi - (Sun) Oct 7, CTV
Desperate Housewives (Sun) - Sept 27, CTV
Amazing Race (Sun) - Sept 27, CTV
Cold Case (Sun) - Sept 27, CTV
Big Brother (Sun) - Already on, Global

Upon reflection, this list is CRAZY. (Aside; does anyone remember when Thursdays were the 'big night' for TV? Now it looks like Wednesday is the night to have your ass parked on the couch. What's up with that?)

And it should come as no suprise to hear that I am incredibly in love with my PVR. No, seriously. If marriage to an inanimate object was legal, I think I'd be entered into holy matrimony already. Sigh.

So now that I've shared - what are you looking forward to this fall?


Britt said...

Biggest Loser
Private Practice

Except this fall I've got 3 classes and full time work so the chances of me seeing all those is slim to none. Grey's and the Biggest loser are my two must watches :)

sarah said...

Oh dude, I am SO not home watching all of this live. I couldn't. Hence, my unbridled love for the PVR.

Jess said...

Apparently I only like spring TV? The shows we watch are House, 24, and American Idol. They all start in the spring, I believe. Tragically.

Jess said...

OK, just kidding. This post prompted me to look up these shows and while 24 and AI don't start until January, House starts in two weeks! YAY!

La La said...

I already love Weeds, Dexter, True Blood, Bones, Lost and Fringe...oh, and Grey's...ok...and House. Wow, do I really watch all of those!? lol (Actually no, I usually end up renting or downloading a lot of them.)

Anyhow, the only thing I'm really curious about this fall is the new vampire one.