Monday, September 14, 2009

post & dash

I have such a busy week ahead of me - if I'm not in school, I'm working. Including today - I have to get ready and leave in a half hour, so this'll be quick. Tomorrow I won't get home until close to 11:30 - and we're celebrating the end of 26 weeks of weight management AND the finale of Big Brother 11 (which I'm probably more excited for than it warrants) with Chinese food! YUMMY! I haven't had Chinese food since I started this program, so I'm just REALLY looking forward to it (again, more excited for it than it warrants, but hey, it feels good!)

My first group project is due next Tuesday. As in, the Tuesday after tomorrow. WHAT? Holy hell. I have no idea when I'm going to find the time. Add to my general anxiety about the whole thing is that the college-based e-mail system is down at the moment, so I can't even get in touch with my effing teammates. I HATE when technology fails.

And we're going out to celebrate our 2 year anniversary next weekend with a nice dinner. I've informed Keith that I am buying 2 dozen roses (yellow, red and orange, of course) for myself. This works out well because a) I love roses b) Keith thinks they're a waste of money because they die and c) I don't feel put out when he doesn't get them for me. Win-Win!

My engagement ring is at the jewellers for repairs. I'm trying not to be supersitious about the whole thing. (I was fiddling with it; it dropped on the ground and the centre stone popped out.) My finger feels so naked! Sigh.

Somehow managed to sell 3 textbooks to a fellow student for 80$. Textbooks that I was going to chuck into the recycling bin (the bookstore doesn't accept these books for re-sale). Effing SCORE.

Bought my first high heels over the weekend. They're an adorable pair of the Mary-Jane style. And to conquer my fear (and general inexperience) of walking in them, I have made myself promise I will wear them at least once a week.

Shall we have a picture? Why yes, let's exclaim over their adoreable-ness!

You may commence exclaiming now. ;)


Britt said...

Those are seriously cute shoes! I have very similar flats, and would love the little kitten heel :) I can't believe that's your first pair of heels! Heels make for some serious leg definition :)

Hope you get some rest despite the craziness of the next few days. And that your engagement ring is back soon!!

Kelly said...

Those are too cute shoes!!! Me wants!!!

Don't worry about your engagement ring - my mum lost her wedding band about 2 weeks after she got married! And my parents are still together after 34 years (the ring was eventually found in the garden 18 months and 1 insurance payout later but she still wears the replacement band cos she likes it more than the original one)