Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rundown (School Edition)

This semester I'm taking four courses - Landlord & Tenant, Dispute Resolution, Corporate Law and Comm II (Business English).

I have Mondays and Wednesdays off, and since I'm knitting together random courses that I've failed before, I don't have the same people in any of my classes. Disputes is a level 1 course, and that's going to be, um, less than wonderful? Full of 18 year olds just graduated from high school. OH EFFING YAY. (Can you smell the sarcasm?) I think the most fustrating thing is all the Blackboard issues with new students. Drives me INSANE.

The great thing about this semester? Well, the two great things?
All my classes are in the afternoon. I'm aiming for an grade in the A range in every class, and I think it's actually possible! The only one I wasn't sure about was Corporate Law, but I'm in class right now and it actually seems to be achievable.

Anyway, since I'm in class, and the prof has already told me to "stop my e-mailing" (wooooops), I better go.

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