Friday, September 11, 2009

Grinding my gear

Dear Lady with the Weird Accent;

Look. I'm pretty sure you're an awesome person who loves her family and dog and goes to the Y every night, yadda yadda. But CONGRATULATIONS! You won the "Piss Sarah Off" Award last night while shopping. It's her #1 pet peeve, when some poor unsuspecting fool asks if she can get something from the back - often a piece of clothing in a different colour, size, what have you.
And look, I get it. Asking someone to get something from the back might work in a small, boutique-y type store, and yeah, it's pretty much expected in a shoe store.

Now take two seconds. LOOK AT WHERE YOU'RE SHOPPING. It's huge, right? Over 80,000 products for your purchasing enjoyment? Wow! Look at everything you can buy! From ice cream to a dresser, the newest DVD release to a flat screen TV. Amazing that it can all fit into one store, right?

Now with that in mind, ask yourself this; DO YOU THINK OUR BACK ROOM IS ANY SMALLER?! If it's an oversized warehouse out here, do you think our stock is somehow crammed into a teensy tiny room somewhere in the back? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

And yeah, I totally understand that I'm just a part-time employee that works nights. So yeah, my "power" is pretty limited. But geez, how rude do you have to be to imply that I'm somehow not to be trusted with the precious, precious back stock? Eff you and the donkey you rode in on, asshat.

For your information, we have people in the store 24 hours of the day. Working to bring you products so you can go find that lovely flat screen TV you want, making sure everything is stocked for your grocery lists, unloading trucks, what-have-you. It takes around the clock work to make sure this type of store runs smoothly. We get trucks with thousands of items daily. Do you see those people walking around with stacks of boxes on those fork-pronged yellow things? They magically start appearing around 10:30 every night, in case you haven't noticed. Guess what those are? And where they come from?

And THEN, imagine this, THEN we have people in the morning who open the boxes and put the stock out on the shelves. They spend half their shift doing this, believe it or not. Including the medium-sized pink plaid Bum shirt you want for 16$. And since A) I don't work overnight, and B) don't work in the mornings, I'm simply afraid that getting you a different effing sized shirt from the back is simply outside of my limited, untrustworthy hands.

Next time, don't even effing ask.

Thanks for shopping with us -
The Girl in the Blue Vest.


Amy --- Just A Titch said...

I mean this out of love, but you're a freaking saint for working at Wal-Mart. SERIOUSLY. I'd kill myself in 10 seconds.

Jess said...

I can see asking if there are more sizes elsewhere in the store, but if the person says no, that should be the end of it.