Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fingers crossed

Finally found out what the additional testing was - Dr wants me to see a behaviourist at the WMC.

So I have an appointment for tomorrow morning at 9:45. I have no idea what the appointment will entail, so I'm a little nervous. It helps that it's with the behaviourist that did the majority of our sessions while I was doing that crazy Opti-Fast diet, and she's amazing.

Another thing I asked about was getting a surgery date that was before the Educational Classes (as mandated by the Ministry) are started or finished - and was told that I had to complete them before surgery - which puts it anytime after July 14th. I do have a feeling that that requirement could be bent though from my initial appointment with the doctor here - she alluded to the fact that this might happen. So I'm hopeful.

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Britt said...

My fingers are crossed for ya!