Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yeah! OOC funding approved!!


Got the call yesterday.

Initial consult is going to be April 23rd in Utica, New York.

April 23rd.

That's, like, 3 weeks away. SO EFFING SOON.

I also met the husband of the person who runs a major support group for people who've had WLS in Ottawa. (He's also had the surgery.) He's Keith's ball-hockey captain.

Small world, eh?


Heather said...

Scary and exciting! How come you have to go to New York though? Not that I'd be SAD to be in NY but still, why cant they do it there?

Britt said...

Crazy! I hope the consult goes well!

sarah said...

First off, the wait times are majorly longer to go through Ontario (3 months for NY, 6-7 months for Ontario).
Two, the procedure is a fairly new one here and is also BRAND NEW to be performed at my local hospital and so they aren't as good of a facility as the NY option (two deaths in dec, uh, no thanks!).

3.When I was chatting to the ball hockey captain who went through the same hospital, he said the level of care was phenomenal and I would never be treated better.

4. I've also heard rumours they don't authorize the surgery for people who's BMI is under 60 in Ottawa because they just don't have the expertise. I must stress I don't know if that's actually true or not.

Leah said...

That is sooo amazing! Congratulations and good luck. I am looking forward to hearing about the process and how you are doing with the surgery afterwards!