Saturday, April 24, 2010

Utica: Visit #1.

So yesterday we made the trek down to Utica, and I can now say I've officially been to four countries (first time in the States).

Um, some HATES: Hill Island Bridge, like, woah way too high x 2. And the highways definitely take some getting used to. (Seriously, I have no idea how anyone knows what they're doing, ever).

It was a really, really long day. We left our place at 2am, and once we got gas and coffee it was more like quarter to three, and then we took the long way. I've discovered I hate night driving on the 401, even from the back seat. My jaw is still sore from the massive clenching I did. (Although I do have some cause for concern, since FIL nearly got into at least four accidents during the journey there).
We got back to our place at about 8pm, and immediately crashed into bed. I don't even remember who won Boston/Sabers last night.

Appointment was good, fast since all the questions were basically answered with a no. (Heart attack? No. History of blot clots? No. Stroke? No. etc). I found out that the clinic doctor here wanted me to some sort of additional testing, but hadn't told the clinic in Utica what kind of testing they wanted, so the clinic in Utica couldn't give me a surgery date yet. Doctor here is supposed to tell clinic in Utica on Monday, and clinic in Utica will tell me as soon as they know.

The nurse did mention they're booking surgeries for June. JUNE. That's where their schedule is right now. Like, the month after May, as in, possibly five to eight weeks away. Like, WHAT? JUNE?!

I had to sign a zillion and six forms, the funniest being a waiver promising not to get pregnant 18-24 months before and after surgery. Sure! I'll sign that one without hesitation, thanks! I have to be off birth control pills for a month before & after surgery as well - so am kicking myself for getting rid of those condoms right about now. Oh and I have a whole page of blood tests that need to be done, quite lovely. And a little packet of info for my doctor to fill out plus an EKG to do and I have to request my sleep study results. Trick is, the info & bloodwork is only good for 30 days, and has to be faxed to them at least 1 week before surgery.

And after surgery, I have to go do a whole wack of bloodtests again, at least 1 week before my visit, which I will be doing a whole bunch of - at the 3 week, 3 month, 6 month & 1 year mark.

Financially I'm most worried about the week-long stay for surgery and the gas for the 3 week visit after...sigh. So I'm going to go there and type this: If anyone wants to make a donation to this fund shoot me a twitter/email/facebook. It would be more than appreciated. Thanks.


Britt said...

Sounds exciting and overwhelming! It always makes me feel better about something when I know more details. Hopefully your visit helped!

Blondie said...

Where the heck is Utica?!

sarah said...

Utica is just outside of Syracuse in upstate NY, its about 2ish hours from the Canada/US border crossing of Thousand Islands. I've also heard it be referred to as New Hartford.