Monday, May 17, 2010

big girl now

I had a job interview today.

me? job interview? say again?

I know, right?

I have had a few offers of interviews since finishing school. I would say about 5 or 6 - not many, but a steady amount. Of course, as soon as I disclose the information that I need time off this summer to the tune of up to 4 weeks, pretty much all the employers back off.

Which, of course, I totally understand. But this firm said it wasn't really a deal-breaker for them! I was as flabbergasted as you are, I'm sure. Of course, they were quick to point out that the time off would be unpaid - not a biggie because I assumed as such. I also said that after the first 2 weeks, I could be super flexible in how I work - whether that be from home, few days a week, etc.

It seems like a really jam-packed job. It's 40 hours a week in a small family law firm (2 lawyers, 1 assistant) which deals mainly in child custody cases and Children's Aid. As a result, they're in court a lot, so there's lots of filing and tight deadlines to adhere to. Yikes!

I can never tell how an interview is going. Does anyone know how to tell? In any case, I should find out by the beginning of June. Although honestly, I'm not stressing over it at all, which is a nice change.

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Britt said...

So exciting!! I always get so nervous in interviews. I would expect you'd hear from them in a week or two. Did they tell you if they were interviewing more people?