Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex & The City 2: Yams are high in natural estrogen.

Sex and the City was good.

Not great. Just, good. A solid B to B+.

- The "opulence" factor was just way too over the top. For instance, each girl got her own car while in Abu Dhabi, and I actually winced and thought "omg, environment."
- Miranda didn't get her own storyline, which is a shame, because she's my favourite. I realize she was more of a supporting character to Charlotte's struggles, but still. It would have been nice to see.
-The scene at the end with the Abu Dhabi girls was just weird and was totally unnecessary. And I'm sorry, but I can't suspend belief that much to accept that women who were raised with strict religious beliefs about the reasons behind wearing hijabs & jilbab's would just strip them off to show some random Western women their clothes. I'm sure the Muslim community is going to have some concerns about that.
-Awkward pauses between the girls, and some awkward dialogue.
-Her crown in the wedding scenes was flat out awful, and SJP is really showing her age.

-Mr. Big actually GREW UP. I am not a big fan of the guy. I always thought Carrie deserved better than some selfish, egocentric ass, but it was really nice to see him accepting her (FINALLY) and all her quirks and them together, being happy.
-Some really, really REALLY good one liners. Especially Charlotte - the cocktail scene was PRICELESS.
-Kim Cattrall was comedy gold. She really carried the movie. Her portrayal of a 52 year old woman going through menopause (unwillingly!) was awesome.
-The fashion, of course.
-Liza Minnelli & the whole wedding part. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Overall, I would say they did a really good job - but I think they've reached the end of the story. Any other movies would be overkill. I'm seeing it again on Tuesday with another girlfriend, and I would definitely buy the DVD to re-watch.

If you've seen it, what are your thoughts on it? If you plan on seeing it, does my review change your mind or are you going to see it just because its Sex & The City?

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Amy said...

I'm going to see it this weekend with a friend and I'm expecting it to be pretty mediocre...but we watched most of the series together, and the first movie, so we feel like we kind of have to see SATC2!