Friday, June 13, 2008

fridayfive #4

It's time for the fridayfive!
Who gave you your last balloon, and what was the occasion?
Keith gave me my last balloon, and there wasn't really an occasion, we just found a pack of them mixed in with his income tax slips. Weee!

Who gave you your last scolding, and what was it for?
I'm kind of past the age to be getting scoldings, but probably my Mother. You're never too old for that, unfortunately. (lol)

Who gave you your last attaboy, and why?
... probably my father. A couple of years ago.

Who gave you your last haircut?
Never caught her name but I got it done at my hometown salon, Total Image II. Love that place. So much. It's big town service for a small town price (wedding updo's are only forty dollars. Yeah.)

Who gave you your last massage?
Keith. That reminds me, it's about time for another one *bwahahaha*


Heather said...

Me loves these surveys! *steals*

Heather said...

How did meet the mom go?