Friday, June 6, 2008


Last night I got really fustrated when trying to install (what I thought) was Sims2-BonVoyage. A screen would come up, I would click it, the computer would do its whirry thing and then ..... nothing.

Today we figured out he had given me disc 1 of Sims2-FreeTime in the BonVoyage case. D'oh. Aren't I a smart girl for not actually checking what the disc said? Seriously. I blow myself away with my stupidity sometimes.

So thankful it's the weekend - this week seemed to really have dragged on and on and on and on .... Just a week now until Keith and I head home. Good news is that Molly doesn't have to go to the kennel!! G'pa & G'ma offered to watch her and we just pay them instead. Woop! Although, I just realized we're travelling on Friday the 13th. D'oh. Again, with the stupidity thing.

Well, there's nothing much else to report on this side of the country/globe and my Sims has just finished installing (and the fridayfive sucks), so I'll catch you all later.

Mwah Mwah!


Kelly said...

My Sims dog keeps piddling on my floor :(

sarah said...

can you buy it a diaper? lol