Thursday, June 12, 2008

We're off to see the wizard ....

We're off on our journey home tomorrow morning (we leave Ottawa at 9:20am and get into Stratford at 6:45pm), and I'm so looking forward to it. A weekend away from all the stress sounds LOVELY right about now, and even though he's nervous about meeting my mom, I have absolute confidence he'll do just fine. Really, sweetie, you will.

And then just 19 days until Keith and I officially move in together. (!!!!)

The original reason why we were going got cancelled at the last moment because my Great Uncle died this week, but mom got us tickets to Cabaret at Stratford for the three of us. Apparently it's very risqué, but good. Getting Keith to pack something with a collar for it, though, is proving to be difficult.

I picked up two books for the ride up - The Host by Stephanie Meyer (NOT part of the Twilight Triology) and Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisburger.

What else? Oh yeah, just wanted to say - CONGRATS MICHELLE!!!!

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