Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Back from Thanksgiving. Went well; got to see Peggy but not my sister. Oh well.

I figured out why I'm so pushy and inpatient for a ring - my 20 year old cousin has been dating her guy for less time than I've been dating Keith, and she's been engaged for months now. I wanted to be the next one in the family to be engaged, as selfish as that sounds. Amazing what brilliant flashes of insight you have when you have WAY too many drinks in you.

Fought with mom over my weight. As usual. She likened it to a missing arm - if I came home with a 'bloody stump' then of course she would say something about it. I pointed out that it's been nearly in every single conversation over the last 11 years - you'd think after a few years of missing an arm you'd stop talking about it, right?

Canada Elections are today. I honestly did "Einee-Meeni-Mynni-Mo" as to who to vote for - I just couldn't decide between two parties. My big 'thing' with this election is that, while I like the current guy representing our riding, who is Liberal, I didn't want to give that party the vote. Stephan Dion wants to implement a "carbon-tax" - more expensive gas?? no thank you!
There's other things as well I don't agree with, but thats the biggest thing.

I'm off to watch the results come in from Atlantic Canada. Polls closed seven minutes ago in Quebec, Ontario (here) and Manitoba, so those results should come in shortly. Because of the time zoning with BC (their polls don't close until 12:30 our time), we'll know in the morning who our new Prime Minister is.
Dion, Harper or (gasp?!) Layton? Will Elizabeth May gain enough seats to receive national campaign funding? Will Layton achieve his goal for Leader of the Opposition? And perhaps the biggest question of all - majority or minority?

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Heather said...

Is it compulsory to vote there? It is in Australia but not NZ (though it is compulsory to be enrolled to vote in NZ).

My dad is the same with my weight. He sees it as his right as a loving parent to bring it up every time I see him. It did stop when I got to about 25 or so and I dont know why!