Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kay, update:

  • called Wal-Ma.rt back and told them about the availability change and she said she'd call me back by early next week to schedule a night interview.
  • I've made a committment to the Rogers people to pay my overdue account off by October 30th. I should be able to come up with 150$ to pay that off by then, right?
  • I REALLY did not want to go to work today; slept really crappily and my neck is hella sore, so at lunch (10:30) I silently wished to myself that we'd somehow get sent home by next break (12:15). Guess when I got off work today?
  • Called the credit card company. What a relief to get that sorted out - I got the card with a 1,000$ limit on it back in February, and maxed it out. They've forcibly taken two payments out of my bank account since then, but I haven't actually made a payment since I got it. So I updated my address information so I actually GET the monthly statements and I still owe 100$ that I said I would pay by the 17th of Oct. Whew!
  • Finally (!) called welfare and told them I got a job; when she asked if I needed any money for work-related purposes (i.e. uniform purchase, shoes, etc) I was honest and said no. Well, sort of honest, actually - I did mention something about a bus pass (well, we all know I don't take the bus but I figure we could use all the gas money we can get! Right now we spend about 60$ a week in gas just to drive both Keith & I to work and back) and she said "Kay, done. I'll give you 100$ for 'transportation purposes'". Wowza!
  • Girl who sits a computer away from me: YOU ARE A TWIT. Yes, yes you are. You know at what point in your freaking inane conversation with the guy next to you (who is so transparent with his longing to get into your pants, by the way, that it's practically oozing off him) that you were a total girl-twit? When you got ANGRY at him for not telling you your hair was "messed up". OMFG. We are not looking at your hair. It made me want to jab a soup spoon in my head and start digging. With force. Did you hear that? WITH FORCE.

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Heather said...

Do you get a sense of peace with being proactive about things rather than putting it off? I know I do.