Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Crazy busy

So far this week has been nothing but a hassle, and I REALLY hope it improves.

Yesterday I waited for the In-laws for 45 minutes before I called them, only to find out that, yep, the brakes finally went in the car and so I would have to take the bus home. Luckily I had change in my purse or else I would have been totally screwed. Got home at 5pm to discover that our internet was totally kaputzed, and it stayed that way all night.

I had to take the bus this morning to get to work. Which meant getting up at 4am instead of 5. Holy hell did that ever kill me. And it was COLD. And no Tim's to sustain me either! I actually fell asleep at work for awhile today, just couldn't keep my eyes open at ALL. I did the 'head-nod' thing for a good 10 minutes or so. So weird.

The Inlaws got a new car today and were about 2 hours late picking me up, which totally sucked, and then we hit traffic all the way to the grocery store, so I didn't get home until an hour ago. Thankfully Keith came home on the bus and was here to meet the Rogers guy, who fixed our Internetz and now my sense of peace is restored. (But holy crap do you guys ever write alot when I don't have Internet! Whats up with that?)

The new car is so so so nice compared to the old one. Except! Everything that was in the car? The laundry soap, our 'filing system', Keith's mom's little hanging trinkets, my textbook and notes? All squished when they impounded it. SQUISHED. I don't how how I'm going to afford to get another 60$ textbook anytime soon. *big big sigh*

But now the Inlaws can teach me how to drive!! I said that in the car on the way home and they laughed and remarked that they were waiting to see how long it would take me to say it - 15 minutes, if any of you are wondering. Oh, and Keith's dad referred to me as "Daughter-In-Law" at the checkout in front of everybody at Loblaws. Wowza.

I'm just counting down the days until Friday, holy. Good news: my little sis facebooked me and is up for possibly getting together when we're at home. YAY! Hopefully we can meet up when I'm at home. I have to squeeze in a visit with Peggy too somehow between my Aunts&Uncles 25th and actual Thanksgiving. 36 hours is just too short!

I've been so busy/tired lately that I don't even have time to watch any TV. (Can you IMAGINE?) Thankfully the ILs are taping all my shows for me over at their place, but still. Tonight Keith has a hockey game at 10, which means its another late night. Did I mention I've been up since four AM?

We have tons to do in the next three days: we have to clean this entire apartment, pack, maybe do some laundry, plus of course, work all day and go to the gym and take care of the dog (normal stuff), and on top of that we're going over for our twice-weekly dinner & watch the hockey game at the In-Laws tomorrow, then Thursday I have class (hopefully we find out our midterm mark! I really want to know!) all night, and then Friday, we leave. But we're also going to a Bulls vs 67s game that night before we leave. Oh, and the time our bus departs? 12:45 AM.

I'm starting to think that the secret to making it through this week is coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.


Britt said...

Holy moly girl! What a gong show. Sucks about your text :( Go get some shots of espresso!

weedze said...

Friday is your no coffee day, all timmies will be closed......

Mandy said...

Good luck learning how to drive! Its always fun in a new car...lol. Coffee is always the secret weapon.