Thursday, May 8, 2008

Creeped OUT!

I've recently found out that K's ex is reading my blog. This makes me really uncomfortable, and I find I'm censoring myself heavily. I didn't start this blog to be filling out random quizzes about generic topics or 'skimming the surface' of my life. I like having a space that I can come and pour my heart out to, my joys and fears and whatever else. I don't feel I can do that with her reading. So something has to change.

And while I recognize this is a public blog and therefore anyone can read it, the idea of her reading my life - and not just my life, but our life - creeps me right out. I don't want her knowing about anything going on with me, with Keith, in any aspect of my life and our life as a couple. The ex and I aren't friends and I have no intention of changing that. I have no interest in even thinking of pursuing that avenue. We will never be friends. Ever.

So I'm flirting with the idea of taking this blog private. Should I? It seems awfully narcissistic to me, to regard myself as that important. But if its the only way I can get her to stop reading this blog, then so be it.

So. I need your opinions. Private? Or not? How does going private work, exactly? (oh, and if you're a lurker and still want to continue reading, then once I figure out what going private entails you'll be granted access....somehow). Or should I just switch my blog address yet again?

Thanks guys.


Kamie said...

I would just say change your address, but I am afraid it might be easy to find again. Private isn't too big of a deal. But you do risk the chance of losing readers, but I guess if they are just lurking anyways - you wouldn't notice. And who knows - they might come out of the closet.

I completely understand about not wanting her to read your blog. I am pretty sure I would feel the same way.

I say change the address again and then see how you feel about it all then. :)

Kelly said...

Ooooer! I totally understand the creeped outness of that situation and my gut feeling would be to go private. That way you can ensure she is never gonna be able to read what you write unless you have a frontal lobotomy and decide to tell her how to access it.

I think you need to bop the notion of it being narcissistic on the head too. Far from it. You are in a sticky situation as it is and if preserving your emotional sanity comes about through blogging then so be it, and I certainly wouldn't want some ex reading about it.

It also seems to me that a certain somebody needs to get on with her life. Clinging on like a desperate wench only makes her look like a fool.

Heather said...

I say go private. There is nothing narcisistic about it, it's a self preservation tool which is exactly what you need right now. You dont have to stay private forever of course, she might get bored of trying and give up after a while.

It is a change in settings that means you need to email people an invitation (only once), they confirm it by following a link and logging in and get sent to your page. From there, if they have auto login they just click it like a normal link so it isnt too annoying for your regular readers.

Ammietia said...

I think if it makes you that uncomfortable so you cannot use the blog for what you wanted to, you should go private. I am also courting the idea of going private since one of my friends has found my blog, and I cannot reveal anything anymore.

Its up to you. I'll miss reading your blog but as heather says, its about self preservation.