Monday, May 26, 2008


(wanna know what I've been dealing with this month and why I've been so quiet lately? Read on)

I'm so fustrated right now....I'll be very surprised if I don't cry by the end of the day.

Basically, over the last month my OSAP has been delayed while they (read: administration) decide if they want to continue me on in the's been a MONTH. A month with absolutely no income whatsoever - my stress level has been through the roof.

Today I called the Program Coordinator to find out if there was a change in my status (oh? did I mention? I'm registered and attending three courses for the summer) only to find out she's on VACATION FOR THE NEXT WEEK. Gee, thanks for telling me the last time I called. That information isn't important to know or anything :roll eyes:

I did some research and found out that Ontario Works (aka welfare) indeed states on their website that they can help you if your OSAP has been delayed. So today I called. Explained my situation.


Arrrrrgh. I felt like crying when they said they couldn't help me...the only way they could is if I withdrew from school and then applied for straight welfare. Um, no thanks?

In the meantime, I feel SO guilty for being a freeloader while I stay with the In-Laws, Molly NEEDS to get spayed before she goes into her first heat, my bills and credit cards just keep climbing and I'd really like to get going on this weight loss thing. Not to mention my head is just about ready to explode from the stress and the guilt.

If it's one thing I hate, it's being dicked around by administration. I don't think they get HOW FUCKING IMPORTANT this is to me...well, obviously not, it's been a full bloody month.

*sigh* I gotta go; my laptop battery is just about dead. I hope this resolves itself soon...I don't know how much more I can take. Really.


Chelle said...

That really blows. I can totally see why you are so frustrated, I would be too. The whole no income thing NEVER helps ebb the stress either. I sincerely hope that things turn around and fast.

Heather said...

That is a lot to handle, but you're doing it and you can keep fighting til it gets sorted coz you've been through a lot and you're strong!

I think your in-laws wont mind too much, it's not like you have money and are simply choosing not to give them any. I guess what I am saying is try to stop worrying about that aspect of it coz it's one that you can make up to them.

Why do you want her spayed before her first heat? Is the other dog an unfixed male? Otherwise most people tend to think the dog comes out with a nicer personality if you do it after their first time on heat so you wouldnt have to worry particularly.

Can the govt at least give you a food voucher or something? I think I'd go into the office there and say you cant leave until they at least help with a food grant. It's a welfare state in Canada isnt it, surely they cant leave you with no food and no money!

I think it'd be really nice if you could try to fit a little bit of time doing something that makes you happy each day to counteract the stress. Any ideas?

Kelly said...

*hugs* m'dear. Seriously stressy times for you, I hope everything sorts itself out soon. You know where I am if you need a friendly ear. *hugs some more*

BTW - it goes without saying to sign me up when your blog goes private :)

Kelly said...

BTW Heather - there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that "the dog comes out with a nicer personality if you do it after their first time on heat." It is merely an urban myth perpetuated by misinformed but well intentioned people. This was stressed to us in my Animal Behaviour and Handling paper at Massey.

Although speying can be performed at a great range of ages, it is most commonly done between 4 - 6 months of age (i.e. before their first heat). Under 3 months old their kidneys, liver and internal organ function are not fully developed so anaesthesia is not recommended unless for life saving surgery.

Elderly dogs of course have slowed down kidney, liver and internal organ function and hence are an increased anaesthetic risk.

The younger a female dog is desexed, the less developed the reproductive tract is, and the safer, more simple and less complicated, less risky and less lengthy the surgical procedure is. Hence 4-6 months is ideal, it is also young enough to prevent any of the problems below and avoids them coming into their first oestrus unbeknownst to their owner and getting pregnant before owner awareness. A female dog can be spayed pregnant but there are safety and ethical considerations associated with this.

sarah said...

Thanks Kelly, that's exactly my thoughts on the spaying matter - and I'd rather not have to clean blood out of the carpet or have her on the leash at all times for 3 weeks every heat. Not to mention it's more expensive and you have to wait 2 months for the surgery once it happens.

As for food vouchers, there's food banks...and I don't really need food per say since everything is provided for at the IL''s just fustrating that I can't really contribute in the way that I said I would...

Heather said...

Kelly, re-read what I said and it's exactly what you said...I simply said "people tend to believe it's better" rather than saying it is fact.