Monday, May 5, 2008

Okay, so they're a bit smaller than what I would like to show you, but I'm so sick of fiddling with it that here they are and you're just going to have to deal with it! And I'm sorry for the spacing issue, but, really, see above.
Anyway, this was my destination: Four Seasons Performance Centre. The opera started at 7:30pm. I started here, where that green arrow thing is. And then I walked up that street in the wrong direction, for about 30-40min. Start time: 4:30pm.
After realizing my mistake, I hopped on a subway and, following the (totally inadquate) map my Uncle had sketched me, wound up here. See that orange-y circle? That's the Toronto Eaton Centre. It's beyond huge. I proceeded to get lost quite thoroughly. I stopped at the Info Desk to ask for directions to the Four Seasons Performance Centre. Time: 6:30(ish). They gave me an address of 227 Front Street. One thing to note: every street in Toronto seems to have a West and an East side, and minimal street numberings. So, I walked from the Eaton Centre down to Front Street West until I looked over and saw that the building was 315....ooops, wrong way. Time: 7:30pm. (Cried a few tears at this point; I missed the start of the opera, had been walking for nearly 2 hours straight, and it was COLD and WINDY. Since I hadn't planned on walking for so long, I was only wearing a thin zip up shirt and flipflops).
So whats a girl to do but turn around and walk the other way?
Which is what I did. 227 Front Street EAST happened to be on at the VERY END of the street. Time: 8:45pm.

And, what greeted me at 227 Front Street East?

NOT the Four Seasons Performance Centre. Rather, The Opera Company's actual office.

Broke down completely at this point.....
Feet were killing me, I was so cold I could barely make a fist with my hands, and I had been walking for almost 5 hours straight. I was really disappointed that I had missed the opera as well.
So, I called my mom, because I felt really alone and I just wanted someone to talk to after, oh, I don't know, BEING LOST FOR FIVE HOURS IN THE BIGGEST CITY IN CANADA.
*ahem* sorry, I (still) have (slight) issues.

Anyway, after I was done talking to my mom, I took the subway at Union Station back to my Uncle's place - and they were out celebrating my Uncles birthday.
So I got to sit on their front porch, calling my mom every half hour to tell her what was going on, freezing my ass off, for nearly an hour.
It was fun I tell you, GLORIOUS FUN. (exclaimation point, exclaimation point)

When I finally went to bed that night I curled up tight and didn't stop shivering for a full forty five minutes.

I hate Toronto.


Heather said...

Oh how awful! You did well not to cry before then.

Baths are great for when you just cant warm up (if you have one lol), plus they give you a great excuse to do some fun reading. Speaking of that, I went and bought that O'Flynn book Kelly reviewed today.

Kamie said...

Oh my. What a horrible adventure for you. I think I'll avoid Toronto. :P

I am glad you eventually made it home.

I had a similar experience once in Chicago. But yours takes the cake.

Hope your feet are feeling better!!

Kelly said...

My feet send you sympathy hugs.

sarah said...

actually, my feet turned out not to be too bad, just a cracked heel. No blisters or anything, which was a relief.
It was the cold that got me. BRRRR.