Friday, May 9, 2008

fridayfive #2

It's time for the fridayfive!

When was the last time you had a needle stuck into you?
That would be early March, when I did my 6 month STI/HIV check. mmmm, blood tests. so juicy.
Who among your friends is the easiest target for needling?
Me. Oh le shame. *hangs head*
What’s something you can confidently do with a needle and thread?
I don't know, how about we go with NOTHING??! (okay okay, in all honestly, I could probably hem a pantleg or sew on a button, but that's it!)
About how many phonograph records do you have in your home, and when’s the last time you dropped a needle on one?
I myself own none. My brother though, woah, owns walls full. Maybe because he's a professional DJ. Just maybe. I'm not confirming anything.
Someone told us the other day about someone at a party using a flavor injector to spike a watermelon with vodka. Is this brilliant or is this stupid?
So THAT'S what we did wrong when we tried to make water-melon vodka. I think it's a brilliant idea! Much better than what we did.


Phain said...

i'm so pitiful with sewing - even though i have a sewing machine i still send things out to be hemmed! your dog below is gorgeous! happy friday :)

Talisman said...

How did you try and make watermelon vodka? And really, there's no wrong way to make vodka anything. ;)

Happy Friday!

sarah said...

Happy friday to you too!

my friend and i tried to make watermelon vodka (ish) last summer by slicing open a watermelon and pouring the vodka straight in. And then we let it sit overnight - the end result was that we had chunks of watermelon in vodka sauce rather than chunks of watermelon infused with vodka, which was our target objective.

Oh well. It got us bombed anyway. And it tasted okay, as far as I can remember.

Kelly said...

I own one record!!! I am so proud to be able to say that. It is a record single of the band I loved as a kid who I still love just as much today, Wet Wet Wet