Thursday, May 29, 2008


Did anyone watch "So You Think You Can Dance" auditions last night? They covered Utah & Dallas. I made the boys miss their hockey game so I could watch it (oh the horror...but really, it was only the Penguins vs. Red Wings, game 3). I loved the Utah auditions - one guy wore a t-shirt that said "Joseph Smith is my homeboy". I laughed when I saw that one. There was also a guy with Down's trying out - he didn't make it but seriously? He put a great big smile on my face and I would go dancing in a club with him any day. Except I'd ask him to tone down on the kicking. Just a bit.

Last night was funny at the dinner table. K's mom finally realized (after nearly 2 months of living with them!) that I have 6 facial piercings. She thought I only had my ears and eyebrow instead of nose, eyebrow, Monroe, tongue and ears. We were watching "So You Think..." and she made a comment on one of the contestants piercing - then she remarked that the worst ones are "the ones that go through the tongue" ...

Imagine her surprise when I replied by sticking out my tongue and asking "like this one?" :D lol. As for my other piercings, she thought my Monroe (between lip and nose, on my right side) was a mole (uh, it's a blue jewel. has anyone ever seen a blue mole?). And my nose is so tiny no one realizes I have it unless you really look for it. Her reaction was so funny though - I really enjoyed myself over that one.

Today marks the Official Countdown To K Meeting My Mother (And The Rest Of My Family, Practically).
Yeah, you heard right. I'm taking a boy home! *GASP GASP!* We're heading home in 15 days for a weekend in the good ol' country. It's my (now deceased) Grandma&Grandpa's Annual (as of last year) Euchre Tournament Weekend...basically everyone on the immediate side of my mom's side of the family (aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins kids etc) come to spend some time together for a weekend. A good estimate of the number of attendees is just over 30, if you include us two. I hope K's up to it!! LOL. Although he seems to be busy thinking up ways to freak my mother out - mostly it includes talking to my stomach as if I was pregnant, and acting mentally challenged. I've been told it's keeping him up at night. That boy never fails to crack me up.

And bonus: my mom semi-agreed to drive K & I up to Goderich (about a half hour away, right on the shore of Lake Huron) on Sunday afternoon/evening, so we can walk along the beach and I can just show him more of the gorgeousness that is my "home area". I'm excited to take him home. A little nervous, but mostly excited. (oh, not so bonus: we aren't allowed to sleep in the same bed as each other. boo my mother's traditionalist values...well actually, to be fair, its probably just because she's meeting him for the first time. I hope? Because if I have to wait until engagement/marriage to sleep in the same bed as him at Moms, we sure won't be going there that often).

Oh yeah, and did I mention? We have new pet names for each other - I'm Mrs. Barky Von Schnauzer, and he's Mr. Barky Von Schnauzer. It's best said in the voice you use to talk to the dog with. :P And we were talking about a certain type of jewellery the other day, and I mentioned that I don't want to reach our 1 year anniversary without it (I've known since Month 5 he's wanted to marry me, and the waiting for the "official announcement" is KILLING me). He replied it might take him up to 8 months to save up for a ring, but if that happened then he would get me a "promise ring, but I'm not making any promises"....I immediately started giggling while saying "Isn't the entire point *giggle giggle* of a promise ring *full out laughter* to make a promise?" Like I said before, that guy cracks me up daily. I love that.

I know this is a long post already, but wanna know why I haven't switched the addy over yet? I can't think of one! HA! So that's where you guys come in - I really can't think of any suitable names for this blog. Help, please?


Kamie said...

I am glad you seem to be doing well!! Your post made me happy

I totally missed out on the "So you think you can Dance" auditions in Utah. Dang. I mean come on! I am totally failing my state! Now, I am bummed! :)

I have always wanted my nose pierced. But not enough to actually do it. Ha ha.

MEETING PARENTS? Fun for you! That is exciting! (Dustyn met my parents on our first date. Ha ha)

I have no idea what to name your blog - but if we make suggestions here, isn't that defeating the purpose? ha ha. But for sure email me when you change it. That is unless you really want me to get lost! :)

Hope you have a great weekend! (In another day or two!)

Heather said...

Oh Sarah, thanks so much for starting my day with a giggle...totally cracked up at the thought of him talking to your tummy!