Friday, May 30, 2008

My purse meme

So since I've been tagged by Kelly AND Shandi, I thought I'd finally get my act together and do it!

1) Take a photo of your handbag/purse.
2) List what's in it (no leaving anything out!)

Sounds easy enough.....

Here's my purse:

I've had this purse since my 17th birthday...the buttons on it read "Masters Favourite Little Pet" and "Nobody Knows I'm Bi".

Inside includes:

- PlayersLight King size (25 pack) pack of cigarettes with one native smoke in it.
- Cell phone
- My digital voice recorder (I use for recording lectures) that doubles as an Mp3 player.
- Earbuds, of course.
- Black gel pen.
- 2 Algonquin appointment cards
- blank piece of paper with my bank account numbers on it.
- my bus pass package - it includes my health card, SIN card, bank card, March/April/May bus passes, my College student card, my Student Identity card for the bus and 2 sheets of bus tickets. Whew! That's alot!
- Temporary OAC (aka the gym) Membership Card for the weekend.
- Camera lense cover
-Random bits of paper and receipts.
-"Shiny-licious" berry lip gloss.
- 2 bobbypins
- 4.31$ in change

And usually my keys are in there too but I hang them up right when I get in the door.

Wow! I didn't realize how much stuff I had in my purse.....although that purse is deceptively big - I can fit a 26er (750mL) bottle of vodka in there or a full carton of smokes. lol.


Kamie said...

Man, I was really thinkin' you were ready to get rid of me.

It's good to find you again! :)

Kelly said...

Glad you are back Miss Sarah!