Thursday, November 13, 2008

NaBloPoMo: #13

Yesterday I had to go home early because my feet were cramping. Badly. I cried. I managed to hang on until 9pm (my shift ends at 11). But now I feel like a wimp because it was only my 3rd day of work and, uh, that doesn't really set a good precedent.

I have today and tomorrow off. Today isn't really a day off because I have class tonight, but tomorrow....ah, tomorrow is a true day off. We're going to a Bulls vs. 67's game! I'm REALLY looking forward to watching my Bulls; hopefully Murphy is between the pipes. The Bulls lead the Eastern Division by 2 points over Brampton.

And then I have to work both days of the weekend. Bah.

*Edited to add:
Class is apparently cancelled tonight, so I really DO have two full days off. YAY! This also means I can watch Greys and ER in "real time". WOOOOOT.

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Kelly said...

Enjoy and rest your little tootsies!