Thursday, November 20, 2008

NaBloPoMo: #20

I got something in the mail today that made me very, very happy.

I applied for a position as a General Duties Clerk with Revenue Canada back in early October; today I got a letter stating that I meet the 'prequisite criteria required for the position'. I have to go in for testing next Tuesday.

(The salary is more than decent. Like, way more. Like, I could save for a wedding on it. Or send Keith back to school fulltime and support us both. Yeah. Way more.)

Here's hoping I get the job. It's gonna probably take awhile though.

Other things that are making me happy is also money related - I got a nice chunk of change in the form of a bursary today, and next week I somehow get a full OW cheque AND a full paycheque within a day of each other. That totally rocks, especially when you consider the following:
Keith's birthday is next Friday. He's going to be 30, so I wanna do something big. If he can get that day off, I think we're going to Guelph for a night. To watch the Bulls play. I'm hoping it works out, because, well, it would rock if it did. Really rock.


Nilsa said...

Congrats on the job call-back. Given the state of the economy in the States, I think that's awesome there are jobs to be had in Canada. Work it, girl!

Erika said...

good luck with the job!!

Kelly said...

Oh awesome news about the potential job!

And hurrah for money!

BTW - your boyfriend is so old!!! :P :P :P