Monday, November 24, 2008

NaBloPoMo: #24

So far the plans for the weekend-getaway are coming along nicely; the hotel in Guelph is reserved, the kennel booked for Molly, our bus tickets up there are paid for. And we discovered its about half the price to take the GO bus from Guelph-Toronto than it is to take the Greyhound. Score!

We've decided to leave on the Saturday and go to Toronto for the day. We'll leave from there (early) on Sunday in order to get back for my shift at 4. It should be fun!

Now if I can get this house clean and a load of laundry done by Thursday night, it'll be perfect.

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Kelly said...

Hurrah!! Keith is gonna have a grand birthday I am sure. You're such a lovely girlfriend for organising it!