Thursday, November 6, 2008

NaBloPoMo: #6.1

Went to the doctors today for a follow-up to my sleep study (which happened in JULY), and he wants me to do yet ANOTHER one, this time with the breathing mask. Ugh. So not sexy.

So that's happening January 25th, which is the first available opening they had. Backed up much?

He did say I wake myself enough times during the night for it to be a concern - I might be waking myself up because I can't/have stopped breath(ing), and as a result of this it means that while I might think I'm getting 7 hours of sleep, it's not exactly restful sleep.

At the end (for some unknown reason?) he checked my blood pressure, checked out my tonsils and heart and lungs and all that fun jazz. I think it's a automatic requirement of any doctors visit or something. Anyway, when he was checking out my throat/tonsils, he exclaimed "THATS THE BIGGEST PAIR OF TONSILS I'VE EVER SEEN!!!"

Jeez. Um, thanks, buddy.

I get out of the appointment and the cars broken down and the tow truck is coming shortly so all three of us (Keiths parents and I) have to take the bus home. UGGGH. I'm not going to lie; one of the biggest perks of dating Keith is the being driven everywhere by his parents. Is that bad? I don't really care; public transportation SUCKS. Really, really SUCKS. I took public transportation exclusively for five and a half years in this city, and I'm enjoying (IMMENSELY, might I add) the complete lack of it since April.

Hee, that reminds me. They asked if I had gotten my driver's manual yet to study for my learners permit - to my utter confusion, because the test is 125$ and Keith and I don't have any plans in very near (like within the next two months near) future for me to take it - but I quickly pointed out that someone paying for it is a perfectly acceptable Christmas gift. (I may or may not have told them the same thing when it comes to a carton of name brand cigarettes. I'm not confirming or denying anything). ANYWAY, the point of this story is that Keiths dad said he'd talk to Keith about getting it for me for Christmas. squeee....It's something I really want, but I'm not incredibly hopeful about getting it because Keith has this THING about giving "cash gifts". Pull-leaze.

For the record, "Make Me Sweat" by Basement Jaxx is a really cool song. Same with Pink's "So What" and Rhianna's "Disturbia" (which, don't judge me, just downloaded last week because I automatically hate anything by Rhianna. But I finally caved. Like I said, don't judge.)


weedze said...

yes and you played them over and over and over and over. it was making me disturbia.

Kamie said...

So Dustyn has "the mask" and it helps him so so so much! And it helps me sleep! That is the important part, right? I know. Me, me, me. Ha ha. Anyways he has had two sleep studies and is waiting the results on the last one. We first had his tonsils out, it helped immensely! When the doctor looked at his tonsils, his exact words were, "Wow, your tonsils are very well endowed". And they were the largest he had ever seen. It was pretty funny... anyways Dustyn kinda knows where you are coming from! ;)

Good luck with the cash gift! ;) That would be a great gift!

I can't say I have ever heard that song. *heading off to iTunes*