Thursday, November 6, 2008

NaBloPoMo: #6

Well, I got the job. Start 4pm Monday; its at Wendys. Yick. But its five full shifts a week and I get a little more than minimum wage (its 8.75$ here, and I'm getting 9.25$) because I have "experience". So that's good. Not so good; I'll be working completely opposite shifts from Keith. I start at four, and he gets home at that time. Major boos.

I left the oven on yesterday for HOURS. With something in it. At a temp of 400C. J.H.Christ, no wonder blondes are ridiculed. I was halfway to my interview and remembered. Thank goodness I did because I wasn't getting home until 4 (my interview was at 2, and I put the hashbrowns in at 11:30-12:00). I shudder to think what would have happened if I had forgotten completely. Reminds me I need to get a "In case of fire, please rescue our animals" decal.

There's nothing else really going on. I'm happy about getting a job, even though it's not ideal. Money is money at this point.


Britt said...

I've left the oven on before too. I don't think anything was it in though. Did it catch fire? Yay about your new job!

Nilsa said...

Money is money, that's for sure. And if it's not the ideal job, at least you have other time during the day to continue looking for something better fitting.

Years ago, I put frozen raspberries in the microwave to defrost them. And forgot about them. For days. It wasn't pretty when I eventually realized what I had done.