Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Look! My blog is snowing! Isn't it cute?

Work yesterday was unreal. I switched my shift from 8-close to 11-4 with another co-worker, and at 2pm they asked me to stay until 8 anyways. I worked front cash from 11 to 2, back cash from 2-4 and then sandwiches until I left.
It was so nice to get home at 8pm, be able to have dinner and hang out for a bit over at the In-Laws and then chill out and shower at home and be all snuggled into bed and asleep by 11.

Grades come out on Thursday. Hopefully I can maintain my A but I'll be happy with a B or B+.

I still have all my Christmas shopping to do, but at least I know what I'm getting for Keith and the animals, and I don't really have to think about his parents because its from both of us (plus the way we divvied up buying gifts; he takes care of his parents, I take care of the animals).
Our next paycheque actually falls on Boxing Day, so instead they're giving us a cheque on the 23rd and we can cash it the 24th.

Guess who's going to be in Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve (which I will probably work until 11pm) at one in the morning, buying gifts? ;-)


*~*kamie*~* said...

I *love* the snow!! I want snow!!

*~*kamie*~* said...

I tried to add it. It was so slow. :( But I really like your new layout!

Kelly said...

I want snow too!!! So pretty!!! (although less appropriate for New Zealand since we are in summer now)

I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet either but it's really easy for me to buy gifts for my nephews and neice who are the only ones I have to buy gifts for in my family - they get books!

Good luck for your grades - let us know as soon as you know. I am sure you will have done splendiferous!!!!!!

Jess said...

I like how you say your blog is snowing. Too cute.