Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hm, that got interesting

  • New layout! pretty! bright! LOVE. IT! (do you?)
  • So I didn't end up taking the shift yesterday and I called in sick to work today, because at 2am or so I was sick to my stomach. Yeeah. Haven't done that in years.
  • I think I'm done with eating Greek salads for awhile.
  • Interesting side note: I've had a really bad string of luck lately with keeping my tongue studs (and balls) actually in my tongue. I think I've swallowed 3 (just the metal, I'm not even counting the balls) or so in the last week and a half. Last night one of the studs decided to make a re-appearance from my esophagus and stomach linings. Yeaah. Gross.
  • Needless to say, that tongue stud is now somewhere in our sewage system. (But at least it's out of my body, right? RIGHT?)
  • I heard of a great deal on World Junior Hockey tickets through my cousin (who's looking to sell his tickets due to dental surgery right after Christmas) on facebook today. All seventeen games (including medal rounds), two tickets to each game, for pretty decent seats. Still way too expensive for us to afford on our own, but I have a plan. Well, the beginnings of one. Maybe.
  • Even though I'm seriously.miffed (seriously) that my boy Murphy wasn't invited to try-out. Damnit, people, he's leading all three leagues (OHL, Quebec, Western) with a unbelievable save percentange of .944% and is tied for second (again, IN ALL THREE LEAGUES) with his goals against average (1.96%) .

And the season is just BARELY halfway over.

  • He's also the reining OHL goaltender of the year for last season, was was just named OHL Goaltender of the month for November AS WELL as being named Top CHL Goaltender of the Week for the week ending November 2nd.
  • This might be his last year in the OHL (he's 19 and was drafted to Carolina Hurricanes last year) and he's never played at the World Juniors before. Maybe I'm a bit biased (he makes it so easy), but it just seems a bit of a puzzler as to why he wasn't picked.
  • Did I say "a bit of a puzzler"?
  • I meant to say the decision "generally dumbfounded everybody of who's-who in OHL circles".
  • Including (even though I don't belong to the elite 'who's-who' group) this girl-with-a-huge-crush big fan.

Huh. Sorry. That was... interesting. Didn't mean to go off on that tangent (and if you made it through all that, I'm impressed. Give yourself five stars), but SERIOUSLY. It's been bugging me all week that he didn't even get named to the camp for try-outs.

Okay. Enough of that already.

  • Yeah. This post is officially dead.


Nilsa said...

Ooooh, lovely header! And I love I can scroll through your posts without the side designs getting in the way!

*~*kamie*~* said...

Uhm... did I miss the sparklies? I can't see them. :(

Hope you are feeling much better.

Jess said...

I know nothing about this stuff but even I am dumbfounded that this kid didn't get invited. How strange.

Love the new look!