Monday, December 22, 2008

channeling my inner monica

"So, sweetie, I re-organized the mail basket. See? That's all the stuff I threw out. And this is how it goes from now on - on the top there's delivery menus, then bills which are in the order that we're paying them, with the amount circled in red (they might be in ascending order of amount, but that was unintentional). And then there's that secured credit card letter thing I got, then all my OW stuff in order by month, then it's all your tax return reports for the last three years, your last school transcript, and some random letters that are important. AND ON THE SIDE, there's a package of your new cheques, then my paystubs, your paystubs, and then my old paystubs from Vangent plus my record of employment."

This is what the boy was bombarded with six seconds after walking in the door from work.

Oh yeah.
He puts up with alot sometimes.


weedze said...

6 seconds it was more like 3

Jess said...

Yeah but you organized everything for him! What's to put up with?