Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Weekend Trip (part I)

I'm sick. So I'm hopped up on lots of Sudafed, OJ and Halls, with Neocitran at night to help me sleep. I worked a short shift yesterday and I'm not sure if I can handle a full one tonight, but I'm hesitant about calling in sick. I have to make up my mind by 1 at the latest.

Anyway. Our trip up to Guelph was unreal. We got to the Greyhound bus terminal at 9:20 (for a bus that left at 9:30) only to be told that they were totally full and were not sending another bus 'just for two people'. The next bus left at 11:30, which would get us into Guelph at 7:35 - too late for our schedule.

So...cue the In-Laws to the rescue. We went home first to take out the dogs and try to find a solution to the now-useless non-refundable 100$ greyhound tickets (solution: travel vouchers worth the price of the tickets and valid up to one year, subject to us sending in the actual tickets).

You know what they did? They actually drove us to Oshawa, four hours away. I couldn't (still can't) believe they did that for us. We then took the GO-train from Oshawa-Toronto and then Toronto-Georgetown, where we waited half an hour and then transferred to a bus to Guelph. I was so worried about Peggy; we were supposed to meet for dinner at 5:15 at the latest and since our first two trains were only 4 minutes apart we had absolutely no time to call her (neither of us have cellphones). Once we got to Georgetown we called her house and left a message to meet us at the hotel and we would run to the game from there.

Thankfully it was just across the street so we only missed the first minute and a half of it. Peggy got us such FANTASTIC seats - only two rows away from the glass behind the goalie. We were literally, five feet or so away from the ice surface!! You can actually see us on TV when the Bulls scored in the second period, jumping out of our seats and cheering. One of the surprises I planned for Keith happened in the beginning of the third period- I submitted his name to be read out as a birthday announcement. (heehee).

After the game (which was AWESOME - the Bulls won with 13.9 seconds left in overtime) we went to dinner with Peggy and my second surprise was revealed; with help from Peggy I arranged for a Dairy Queen ice cream cake with the Bulls logo on it. They did a fantastic job!

It was getting pretty late at that point - 12:30 or so - and all of us were going on very little sleep from the night before, so we just said goodnight and goodbye. Peggy went home and Keith and I went back to the hotel and collapsed into bed.

Despite the stress of actually getting there, it was a fantastic day and I was so happy to see Peggy and spend some time with her. And it didn't hurt that the Bulls won (in SUCH a fantastic way) either!


Jess said...

This sounds awesome! What great surprises you arranged! And what fabulous inlaws you have! I'm a little jealous.

Chelle said...

Greyhound blows. I would be so miffed. Its not YOUR fault the bus was full, its THEIRS. They should have refunded your tickets.

I'm glad you were able to have a good time despite the whole situation Hocky games are a lot of fun for sure. I bet the ice cream cake was delicious too!

I hope you get to feeling better soon. :(