Thursday, December 11, 2008


Whew. My class is officially done. As of right now, with 30% of my mark missing, I have an 86.6%. I'm just waiting on the results from my exam that I finished about an hour ago.

Work called and wants me to work 5-close tomorrow, on my day off. Haven't decided whether or not to take it but I probably will IF they put me somewhere other than back cash. Because back cash makes me think longingly of strangling someone - anyone.
On the flip side, I LIKE my day(s) off and I LIKE seeing Keith play hockey and I LIKE spending more than fifteen minutes a day with him. Besides all that, my shift on Saturday is 8am-2pm, so that would mean I close on Friday (11:30) and then head back 8 hours later? Um. For an extra 50$ on my next cheque? Big. Fucking. Woop.

There's nothing else going on really. Oh, except that the entire transit system is on strike and EVERYBODY has an opinion about it. The streets look weird without the big red and white buses and traffic is horrendous - it took me an hour to go cross-town today when it usually takes half that - and businesses are already reporting a 40% drop in holiday sales over the last two days (the length of the strike so far).

There. Now there's nothing else going on.


Kelly said...

Gorgeous new layout m'dear!

weedze said...

Its funny you mention a drop in retail sales our store is up 25% in the last week alone. I quess when economy goes in craper everyone and there dog go to Wal-mart